Better welcome for our guests

Free Welcome Drinks in our Rooms

Dear guests

We have decided to make you feel more welcome in our hotel, and feel more like home. Once you get into your room you will see a welcome tray with coffee maker, instant coffees, instant vitamin juice and tea. 

Additionally since our tap water is not always safe, you will get a bottle of drinkable water for free in your room. The occurrences when tap water is not that safe are very rare, but make sure to consult with our front desk about the period when you are staying. 

Welcome to our 4 star Hotel Kristal Palas

Dear guest

Thank you for visiting our web site and thank you for your interest in our Hotel Kristal Palas, located in Prilep, Macedonia. 

This website is our humble attempt to better present our hotel, it's services and facilities. We plan add a lot of content to transparently reflect every aspect of our hotel and every activity that we do to upgrade our services and improve our offers to you. 

We are here for 20 years with a stable base of happy customers, good service and most importantly a dedicated team of professionals.