Urgent measures for protection of guests and employees from Covid 19 virus

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Disinfection and measures

We are facing tough times and the tourism industry is hardest hit from the outbreak of the new Covid 19 (corona virus). We think that it is best to face this threat, take urgent measures, as it's spread in Europe intensifies, and educate our personnel.

Measures to protect our guests and personnel

  1. Regular disinfection of all door handles in public areas, at least 5 times per day. 
  2. Regular disinfection of elevator buttons, at least 5 time per day. 
  3. Installation of disinfectant dispensers in public areas around the hotel. 
  4. Removal of bed covers in every room.
  5. Regular disinfection of remote control, phone, door handles in rooms, and other areas frequently touched by hands in rooms.
  6. Regular disinfection of all light switches. 

Education of our employees

We took measures to educate our employees about the following things:

  • how to recognise symptoms
  • categories of people that are mostly in danger in case of local outbreak, and how to protect their family members
  • advised our employees to cancel all travel

If some employee shows mild symptoms of cold, that employee will get extended sick leave. In case of an employee travelling to a risky area, that employee will spend 14 days in self isolation before coming back to work. 

We are hopeful that this crisis will be resolved soon, and things can go back to normal. Until then we will undertake all measures for protection.