New VOIP System With Free Calls Throughout Macedonia

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Dear All,

We are pleased to announce some exciting news coming from Hotel Kristal Palas. We have recently upgraded our entire telephone system to VOIP. What does this mean for our guests?

Namely, Hotel Kristal Palas exclusively, starting this year, introduces a free direct dial telephone line from our Deluxe and Junior Deluxe rooms. In detail, this means that all guests accommodated in these types of rooms using our telephone lines will be able to make:

  • Free mobile calls throughout Macedonia
  • Free landline calls throughout Macedonia

Whether it be your business or personal calls, this is a great opportunity to improve communication during your stay with us.
Other types of rooms also have the possibility of outgoing calls for a flat rate of up to 5.00 denars per minute to any network in Macedonia.

Why did we do all this?

Hotel Kristal Palas often has foreign guests coming to Macedonia with their mobile number from abroad. In order to make any communication in Prilep or Macedonia, they have to pay expensive roaming tariffs or wait for workdays to buy a SIM card from a certain network provider. Our system gives them a direct opportunity to communicate with anyone around the country from the moment they check-in to our hotel.

Additionally, each guest will be able to receive phone calls directly in their room. Of course, the person requesting the guest has to have their reservation number in order to preserve the privacy of our guests.

Calls abroad and what next?

There is currently a tariff plan for calls abroad. It will be released as soon as we are ready.

Additionally, the wake-up service is popular among our guests. This new system enables the automation of the whole process. and we are currently working on it.

The new system additionally offers various options for conference needs, as well as setting up a separate direct number in the room or conference room upon request of guests.