Results Of The 2020 Calendar Prize Contest

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Hotel Kristal Palas, coloured
Prilep Clock Tower, coloured
Прилепски ѕид обоен
Mound of The Unbeaten, coloured

Dear parents

First and foremost, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. We hope that our small action and prize-winning game has awakened the competitive spirit of your youngest and dearest and that you had some great times together. One of the messages we received from the contester's parents made us really happy:

"I wanted to share with you that we had a lot of fun while our little one was coloring the drawings as we were thinking and telling stories for each one of them. I will say that the task seemed really simple and the goal was 100% fulfilled (the whole family was united as the pictures were being painted :) )."

What kind of criteria did we use to choose the best ones?

This is our first time organizing a prize contest of this kind, and we couldn't even imagine how complicated it can be to search for the best among so many children's works. Here's how we made the choice:

  1. The more drawings were painted, the more points we were giving. This was stated in the rules from the start. 
  2. Details. Here we were looking at how much attention the child paid to color details. We had drawings where each stone had a different color. The more detailed the coloring the more points we gave. 
  3. What percentage of the picture is colored? Although there were pictures with no background, we gave more points if the child just made up his own background. We gave extra points to those who came out of the box and painted all over the calendar. This, for us, meant that the child will be able to find creative solutions to problems in the future. 
  4. Precision. The more carefully a drawing is painted, the less it goes out of line and the more beautiful a painting is. It shows us that the child devoted time and love to the whole process. Also, at this point, we have not neglected those moments where the coloring out of lines was deliberate, as the artist himself intended. The more precisely it was done the more points we gave. 
  5. Imagination. First and foremost if the child can imagine the picture as the lines indicate. There was not a single failed painting in this field. Then, for extra points, we looked at how well the child is capable of imagining things that are not there. The pictures themselves contain empty white spaces, in which some of the children draw objects that they have imagined themselves. For each such case, we gave extra points.
  6. Age. We gave some extra points to the younger kids to give them an advantage over the older ones.

We have really spent a lot of time looking at each painting carefully from every angle. Even unexpectedly a lot of time for us. In the end, we came up with the following results: First place for twins Anja Mileska and Kostadin Mileski. Both children painted one calendar each, and both calendars were equally good. Maksim Taleski came in second, while Tea Burneska came in third.

What comes next?

The Kristal Palas Hotel team is taking a strategic turn this year in order to make the hotel a more comfortable place for any family outings. To that end, we are planning to redesign the entire restaurant space. We decided to give all participants a 500.00 denars voucher to spend at the current restaurant of Hotel Kristal Palas, so that they can spoil their children with a dessert or two and explore the space. Everyone is welcomed to come up with ideas of ​​how the place can be reorganized or adding some content that they would find interesting. That content does not in any way have to be for sale or for profit, it is not a problem if we add a non-charged content. The goal is not to create a place that consumes Х kg. of coffee daily etc. but to create a pleasant place for families, filled with children's laughter.